Market Overview

  • Compared to other north eastern states, North East India is the biggest contributor of students to the rest of India.
  • 60% or even higher of the students population of this state move to other parts of Country for their higher studies.
  • The peoples of North East are very conscious about education. So they anyhow manage the expenses of the education.
  • Medical / Para-medicals / Engineering / Management / IT / Computer/ Hotel Management / Fashion Design / Animation / Education / Coaching Institute for various civil services etc. are some of the most demanded courses in this place.

Market Information

  • Due to socio-political unrest in the region, therefore, has been effected economic development. Employment opportunities and educational system, many people moved out in search of opportunities outside the state.
  • Lack of good educational infrastructure with limited choice of studies and ill-fitted educational system in the region lead to increase in the migration of students outside the North Eastern Region.
  • The different fields of professional education available in the region cannot match the demand in the caused by globalization. This pushes students out of the North Eastern Region in pursuit of their higher studies.